Birdies Event House

The Birdies Event House is a unique event venue in the magical Szentendre, right on the banks of the Danube. Its elegance, modernity and unique design solutions make the building special.

The Birdies Event House is the perfect home for any event, whether it is a wedding or a conference. Thanks to its special design, it is accessible in all seasons, yet in harmony with the nature surrounding the building.

Event Venue


The uniquely designed Danube harbour is also the perfect choice for smaller events such as graduations, birthdays or other private parties. The port can also accommodate the largest private vessels on the Danube. The marina is licensed by the National Road and Navigation Department. It can receive and serve the needs of its own and guest vessels.

If you want an unforgettable event on an unequalled venue, please get a quote from our professional team.

Birdies apartment rooms

5 double rooms and a spacious apartment are available on the first floor of the event house. They have been designed with relaxing luxury and unique visual solutions in mind. The studio rooms are exclusively for our guests’ use during events.


Luxury apartment

The complex is situated on the picturesque Danube bank, in a charming grove of mature trees, providing the perfect privacy in a quiet bay. The garden is well-kept, a real oasis in the immediate vicinity of the capital, where we can also organise events.